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Johnny Lightning Chevy Suburban Ambulance

johnny lightning chevy suburban

Today, I thought we would take a break from Code 3 and Amercom and take a look at a Johnny Lightning 1/64 scale vehicle instead.  Here is a 1950 Chevy Suburban done up as an ambulance.  This panel van came out in 2009 as part of Johnny Lightning's Forever 64 Release 5.   It has a plastic chassis, plastic wheels with shiny mag wheels and the hood opens to display the quaint little motor.  These Johnny Lightnings aren't too hard to find and originally cost between three and four dollars when they first came out.

Brand: Johnny Lightning by Tomy
Series: Forever 64, Release 5
Model: 1950 Chevy Suburban
Scale: 1:64
Year Issued: 2009
Retail cost: $3.50

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