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Mack Hazmat Operations Truck

This month's Amercom model is the Mack Hazmat Operations Truck, which faithfully copies the Code 3 FDNY Hazmat vehicle (12555).  While it looks like the real deal with all the appropriate detailing, it is probably the lightest model put out thus far by Amercom.  The chassis, body and cab are all made of plastic, although you might not be able to tell from the pictures.  This is number twelve in the Gigant Fire truck series, but it's only number ten of Code 3 clones, as there were two non Code 3 substitute fire truck models that Amercom added to the lineup late 2012.

Brand: Amercom
Series: Gigant Fire Trucks
Model: Mack Hazmat Operations
Released: 2013
Scale: 1:64

Link to the actual Code 3 model:


  1. The detailing is absolutely brilliant!!! its amazing that this is for 1/64 scale - simply awesome. I collect some of these trucks as well but I never had any from the brand "Amercom". Visit my website =

    Cheers mate!!!

    1. hi David, you've got a great website, thx for visiting.