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1958 Mack Pumper FDNY #305

1958 mack pumper

It's time to take a look my latest Amercom fire truck acquisition. Here for your review is the 1958 Mack Pumper representing engine 305 of the New York Fire Department (FDNY).  This one faithfully reproduces the Code 3 Mack C Pumper Item 12503.  It has all the correct markings and being the first issue from Amercom, the quality is about 95% of the Code 3 version.  Note that this Mack C Pumper is the premier issue of the Amercom Giant fire truck series.

The diamond plate is fairly shiny and the some of the features and handles are molded as opposed to being separately added.  As with all Amercom models much of the body and chassis is made of plastic, hence the lighter weight.  I was surprised to find that the little grapples at the rear of the truck actually move.  The only detractor are the fingerprints on the windshield which seems to be a common problem on other Amercom fire trucks.

For a look at the original Code 3 Mack C Pumper model, take a look at the pics I found at

Brand: Amercom
Series: Giant FireTrucks #1
Model: 1958 Mack Pumper FDNY #305
Scale: 1:64
Year Issued: 2012
Cost: $12

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