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Pierce Quantum Las Vegas Fire and Rescue

I haven't kept up with the Amercom models in awhile now.  I see there is a new Pierce Quantum w/Snozzle rescue truck on their website:

Looks like it is based on the original Code 3 Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Pierce Quantum w/Snozzle (12757) .

American La France Eagle Pumper SFFD #10

I really liked the deep burgundy colours of this San Francisco ALF pumper when I saw pictures of the Code 3 model, so I was really stoked to find out that Amercom had copied the Pink Ribbon Engine #10 12317.  Upon receipt, I discovered that this was probably the worst quality model put out by Amercom.  The right side wheel well flashing is not trimmed properly and very rough looking.  There are chips and scuffs in the paint in several places, in addition to many greasy fingerprint marks from the person who assembled it.

On the good side however is that the die-cast body seems solid that sits on the chrome plastic chassis.  The wheels and rims look nice and there are lots of details like nozzle extrusions, door handles, mirrors and wiper blades.  The headlight and emergency lights are flawless as are the graphics.  I'm almost tempted to order another model to replace this one, hoping that the quality of build will be better.   The original Code 3 model of this San Francisco pumper was $49.99, and the Amercom version costing $14.

Code 3 model details:

Brand: Amercom
Series: Fire Trucks Giganty
Model: American La France Eagle Pumper
Year Issued: 2012
Scale: 1/64

Seagrave Rear Mount Ladder FDNY #43

This is Amercom's version of the Code 3 model of the FDNY Ladder 12740.  It's the second model in their Giganty series of Fire engines.  From a distance it looks like a reasonable facsimile, however upon closer inspection, you'll notice a number of differences.  The extending ladder and rotating turret still work, but are made of flimsy plastic instead of diecast.  Best to be very careful as the ladder does not move easily.

On the real Code 3 model, the hydraulic stabilizers extend out from the body and lower, whereas the Amercom model does not.  The tampos and graphics are fairly decent except the flags behind the front doors are a little fuzzy and some of the details are already starting to rub off.  I do appreciate the fact that the body is all die-cast while the chassis is plastic.

There are certainly some paint flaws on the right side of the vehicle towards the front roof line, and the light bezels are sloppily added on the front of the the vehicle.  However, you have to consider that the retail price of the actual Code 3 FDNY ladder was $109.99 whereas this model was about $14, a huge difference.

The Code 3 reference model can be found here:

Brand: Amercom
Series:  FireTrucks Giganty #2
Model:  Seagrave Rear Mount Ladder
Year Issued: 2012
Scale: 1/64

Mack Hazmat Operations Truck

This month's Amercom model is the Mack Hazmat Operations Truck, which faithfully copies the Code 3 FDNY Hazmat vehicle (12555).  While it looks like the real deal with all the appropriate detailing, it is probably the lightest model put out thus far by Amercom.  The chassis, body and cab are all made of plastic, although you might not be able to tell from the pictures.  This is number twelve in the Gigant Fire truck series, but it's only number ten of Code 3 clones, as there were two non Code 3 substitute fire truck models that Amercom added to the lineup late 2012.

Brand: Amercom
Series: Gigant Fire Trucks
Model: Mack Hazmat Operations
Released: 2013
Scale: 1:64

Link to the actual Code 3 model:

E-One Ladder Cincinnati OH 12961

Cincinnati Ohio E-One Ladder

Today's display model is the Code 3 E-One Ladder for the Cincinnati Ohio Fire Department.  This is a beautiful and solid fire truck and was Code 3's first ever model representing the city of Cincinnati.  Lots of nice details including working platform and ladder and there are even four stabilizers that extend.

Brand: Code 3
Model: E-One Ladder Cincinnati Fire Dept
Item: 12961
Scale: 1/64
Issued: October 2004
Quantity: 3000

Retail price on this was about $69.99.