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Pierce Quantum Las Vegas Fire and Rescue

I haven't kept up with the Amercom models in awhile now.  I see there is a new Pierce Quantum w/Snozzle rescue truck on their website:

Looks like it is based on the original Code 3 Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Pierce Quantum w/Snozzle (12757) .


  1. Just received it from Poland!, but the quality is not so good, the Previous Pierce from Miami looks pretty good beside this new one. I´m afraid the quality of the Amercom models is decreasing with each edition.
    However, it´s still a good model for the price.
    p.s: good webpage and pics! I review constantly!
    Regards from Chile!

    1. Thx for visiting Jesus!, Yeah I wish the Amercom models were of better quality, but I guess it's what we get for the cheap price.