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American La France Eagle Pumper SFFD #10

I really liked the deep burgundy colours of this San Francisco ALF pumper when I saw pictures of the Code 3 model, so I was really stoked to find out that Amercom had copied the Pink Ribbon Engine #10 12317.  Upon receipt, I discovered that this was probably the worst quality model put out by Amercom.  The right side wheel well flashing is not trimmed properly and very rough looking.  There are chips and scuffs in the paint in several places, in addition to many greasy fingerprint marks from the person who assembled it.

On the good side however is that the die-cast body seems solid that sits on the chrome plastic chassis.  The wheels and rims look nice and there are lots of details like nozzle extrusions, door handles, mirrors and wiper blades.  The headlight and emergency lights are flawless as are the graphics.  I'm almost tempted to order another model to replace this one, hoping that the quality of build will be better.   The original Code 3 model of this San Francisco pumper was $49.99, and the Amercom version costing $14.

Code 3 model details:

Brand: Amercom
Series: Fire Trucks Giganty
Model: American La France Eagle Pumper
Year Issued: 2012
Scale: 1/64

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  1. Awesome model

    greetings from Argentina!