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Pierce Dash Rear Mount Ladder

It's time for another fire truck review and this week it's the Amercom Pierce rear mount ladder. I was pleased to find that the body is mostly diecast with only the chassis being made of plastic, after the disappointment of the Amercom Mack C Hazmat being made completely of plastic. Detailing is excellent, showing the Cedar Hill Texas markings, except for the front headlights and emergency lights which were applied sloppily. Again, as with previous models,  there are those darned fingerprints on the windshield.  I guess they don't wear plastic gloves when they assemble these.  Other than that the model displays well.

The rear ladder assembly is completely different from the Code 3 Pierce Rear Mount version it copies. The under ladder crank is missing and it feels a touch fragile being made completely of plastic. I used a bit of clear plastic to hold up the ladder as it will not stay up on it's own.  It took a bit of careful nudging to get the turntable to swivel and the ladder does fully extend though.  They have molded in the stabilizers and they do not work unlike the original Code 3 Collectors Club model which this is based on.    Here's the original reference model :

Brand: Amercom
Series: Gigant Fire Trucks #11
Model: Pierce Dash Rear Mount Ladder
Scale: 1:64
Released: 2013


  1. Hello!

    Congratulations on your blog! Nice collection!
    I'm posting the site of my collection as well:

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    Danilo Candido
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  2. Very Impresive !...a US model reference for collectors collection is 1.50,1.43...may be later for a blog..I scratcbuild models ....I keep your blog in my favorites...Congratulations