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E-One FDNY Heavy Rescue #1

FDNY E-One Heavy Rescue

Today, I direct your attention to this model of the FDNY Heavy Rescue #1.  You might think this is a Code 3 model but it's not.  Although it bears a striking similarity to Code 3 model 12695, it's actually made by Amercom.  Here's a link to the real Code 3 version:

The Amercom version is much lighter in weight than my other Code 3 Heavy Rescue models, given that the rear of the truck is plastic.  The main difference is the fit and finish or the lack thereof.  The Amercom model has a bit of sloppiness in it's paint and trimwork.  The diamond plate on the top doesn't have the same metallic sheen as a real Code 3.  And the antenna mast doesn't extend like the original.

Even with the deficiencies, this model shows quite well on it's own.  And the price was a fraction of what a Code 3 would cost.  I don't think I would have ever afforded the real Heavy Rescue, so I'm very happy to have this one in my fire truck collection even if it's not the real deal.  Anyways, feel free to compare the pictures of this one vs the real one and you be the judge.

Brand: Amercom
Series: Giant Firetrucks
Model: E-One Heavy Rescue FDNY #1
Scale: 1:64
Year Issued: 2012
Cost: $12

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