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Seagrave FDNY Squad 61 Pumper

FDNY Squad 61 Seagrave Pumper

Here's my second Amercom model and the sixth one put out by Amercom.  This one is modelled after the Code 3 FDNY Squad 61 Seagrave Commander II Rescue Pumper (12814).

The main differences between the Amercom model and the Code 3 model are:
1) Rear of vehicle is plastic, not diecast, so the vehicle is much lighter
2) Less detailing of rear wheel hubs
3) Eagle graphics look muted and the Squad Co. 61 font is different
4) Diamond plate is not as shiny
5) No detailing on the door pulls
6) Traffic cone is on the opposite side of the vehicle
7) Some of detailing pieces are not glued down straight.
8) Giant fingerprint on the front windshield (not mine)
9) Giant chip on the front bumper.

If this pumper is admired from afar it looks pretty good, just don't get too close to it or you will see some lack of fit and finish.  I would give a 7 out of 10 which is not bad given that his Amercom is about one-tenth the price of the original Code 3 model cost.

Here's a link to the Code 3 Squad 61 model for reference purposes:

Here's the writeup of the 1:32 scale Code 3 Squad 61 apparatus:

And here's the real deal:

Brand: Amercom
Series: Giant Firetrucks
Model: Seagrave Pumper FDNY Squad 61
Scale: 1:64
Year Issued: 2012
Cost: $12


  1. so for the $13 dollars there worth the money

  2. can't be beat for that price Spencer!