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American La France Metro Dade Century Pumper

This is the fifth in the Amercom Gigant Firetruck series.  This ALF Century Pumper was released around October/November 2012. It is a clone of the Code 3 model #12865 however the significant difference is that the Amercom model is totally plastic, body and chassis, whereas the Code 3 was solid die-cast.  Excellent details have been carried over from the original including headlight bezels, ladders and pumps and even the axes on the side of the engine.

Here is the link to the original Code 3 model of the ALF Century Pumper:

Brand: Amercom
Series: Giant FireTrucks
Model: Metro Dade ALF Century Pumper Engine 20
Scale: 1/64
Year Issued: 2012

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  1. uuff esta muy bacana esa maquina de bomberos